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Ideas for Memory-Making With Your Family This Season

We all know that one of the most important things life has to offer is family. Of course, we all want to make fond memories with our family, but do we know the best way of going about it? The trick is to spend your time, efforts, and resources on making good experiences happen, and to not focus on the physical items you’ll give others or take with you. For example, you may think you remember your eighth Christmas because of your awesome Nerf water-blaster, but I’ll bet it was the fact that your mom searched six different toy stores to find that gift for you that really lit up your face. That moments when you can really feel someone’s love for you will always make for the fondest memory. Try the tips organized below to make better memories with those you love.




Whenever there was even the slightest chance of a party taking place, my grandmother would grab her purse and go out to buy party decorations. She lived every day like it was a party—a planned, classy, funky one in which it’s socially acceptable to snort when you’re laughing really hard. She loved life, and she lived it like she did. She loved family time, and always remembered to call on your birthday or show up with balloons on your fifth-grade graduation. She even threw my mom a “cancer-free” party, and threw my brother an un-birthday party when he had been feeling depressed about not making the soccer team.


Try celebrating the little things in life.

Put a special note or joke in your kid’s lunchbox every now and then.

Make funny poems with the fridge magnets.

Decorate the house for the holidays and other events.

Theme your kid’s sleepover.

Take your children with you on errands,

or just dress up extra-special for a normal day.


Seize the holiday.


This is your chance to do the things you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Whatever it is, grab a friend or family member, and go do it!


Get that mani-pedi you’ve been pining after.

Catch up with your mom over brunch.

Travel to the lake and jump in.

Visit your godfather.

Hit that concert you’ve put off buying tickets for.

Take lunch by the company koi pond.


Just get out of the house, find a fun, new environment, and take advantage of good company in a time of warmth and wellness.




Visit that one place you’ve been dying to see, whether it’s Mexico’s Hidden Beach, Washington Monument, Canada’s Hotel de Glace, or Rome’s Trevi fountain. Check off a couple of trips from your bucket list! It’s good for the soul to round out your cultural understanding of this planet we all share. Take your family to see the trolleys of San Fran, or recruit your best friend to help out on a missionary trip. Whatever you decide to do, step out of your comfort zone and experience all that the world has to offer!


Try something new.


Just once: that’s all it takes!


Just bite into that sriracha chip with all the force of Hercules.

Cozy up to your grandma and pick up that needlepoint.

Watch your daughter’s favorite rom-com movie.

Dress up in that couples’ costume your wife has been begging you to wear for years.


Whatever the experience, embrace it it with all the energy and positivity you’ve got. Everyone is impressed with an adventurous soul, and there’s no better way to find out new ways to spend time quality time with loved ones than to get on their level.


Gift-wrap an experience.


When it comes to celebrations, holidays, and anniversaries, I advise that you make the gifts you give very utilizable ones. Money may be a good short-term gift, but consider this an opportunity to connect with your loved ones.


Buy a ticket to a new destination as a congratulations-on-finishing-college gift.

Hand down your grandfather’s watch.

Hand over a free spa day coupon,

or give your literature-minded kid a pen and stationery.


Most importantly, give the gift of time. The experience of togetherness is the most wonderful way to care for others. Lend them an ear, a shoulder, or time-tested advice. However you choose to show your love, be sure your memories are made by experiencing the best that life—and you—have to offer.


Happy homey-days!


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