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Ideas for a Successful Glamping Expedition

Glamping (or, the kind of glamorous camping that is done indoors) requires those same things, but you don’t even have to pack the car, or lose your indoor plumbing!  You can make your glamping expedition as glamorous and unlike camping as you wish, or you can make it as close to the great outdoors as possible.  It’s up to you. Either way, these supplies will come in handy:


1. Tent (or tents!)

You can use what you have and creatively build a tent at your designated campsite.  The campsite can be any area in your home that is spacious enough for your family to sleep in and easy enough to be cleared of furniture, toys, etc. unless, of course, you plan on incorporating a couch or a table into your tent-making!  You can drape blankets over a table, fort-style, or you can string up a bungee cord and drape a sheet over it.  It will all depend on what your campsite allows you to do, and what your campers help you to come up with.  Blankets, clothespins, sheets, pillows, and bungee cords are just a few materials you can use to get started!

If you are looking to build a more permanent tent-like structure, here are two fantastic tutorials, ranging from very simple to more advanced and time-intensive!

The Simpler Option: A-frame Tent from A Mommy’s Life With A Touch of Yellow


The Time-intensive Option: Collapsible TeePee from Lindsay & Drew


2. Lanterns or Flashlights

Whether you choose to ignore electricity for the night or not is up to you, but lanterns or flashlights are still fun additions to your glamping adventure.  Plus, having a flashlight along will allow for these fun activity. Make printable shadow puppets to dance in front of your lights or a Mason jar lantern to light your tent!


Shadow Puppet Printables from Handmade Charlotte


DIY Bedtime Story Shadow Puppets

Fun DIY Lantern in a Mason Jar from Lindsay & Drew



3. Food

One of the most fun parts about camping is getting to eat outside!  Granted, you may not want to light a Bunsen burner in the confines of your indoor campsite, so go ahead and pack a picnic that is ready to eat!  No bear bag required.  You can also opt to make s’mores inside using your oven, candles, or fireplace!  Do what you feel most comfortable with to maintain fire safety. (A floating candle fire pit might be a safe but fun solution!)

There aren’t many rules when it comes to glamping. You can customize the activity however you want.  If you want to teach your young kids real camping skills like how to pack a pack, tie knots, etc., go for it.  If you just want to use this as an opportunity to hang out and cuddle up with your family for a night in the comfort of your living room, do that!  The main things is that you enjoy getting creative and hanging out together.

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