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How to Throw Your Parents an Unforgettable Surprise Party

Nothing warms a parent’s heart more than their children expressing love and appreciation for them. You probably witnessed your mother beaming as you presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. How about the time you gifted your father with a few snazzy ties from a luxury department store? These gifts are great, but have you ever thought about throwing your parents a surprise party? The kind of event they’re sure to talk about for years to come?

It’s no secret—planning an event can be quite stressful. If you thought searching for the perfect sentimental card was difficult, think again. Planning any event worth having requires a lot of persistence. Most people are guilty of waiting until the last minute to begin the planning process, which results in a less-than-stellar event. Instead of this, take the proactive approach and get the ball rolling.

Write Everything Down

Choose the perfect date, and start planning immediately. Carry a notebook with you throughout the day, so you can write down ideas, a guest list, details, etc. Establish deadlines for all tasks, and frequently check your notebook to ensure you’re on the right track.

What’s the Cost?

Create a budget for the entire event. Determine the costs for decorations, entertainment, food, invitations, and photographer. Renting a beautiful space may come with a hefty price tag, so determine whether this fits into your budget.

Seek Help from Others

Do you need help decorating the venue or putting together a slideshow? Ask your family and friends to assist you. Choose reliable people who are willing to offer their time and support towards making this event possible.

Think About What Your Parents Like

Although this party is for your parents, you may inadvertently add your personal taste while overlooking theirs. This party should reflect the kinds of things your parents like, such as their favorite foods, colors, and genre of music.

Give Detailed Information on the Invitations

Make sure the invitations communicate to guests that this is a surprise party. If you prefer everyone park their cars on a particular street or enter through another entrance to the venue, include all of this information on the invitations. Therefore, each guest will be fully aware of these details.

Recruit a family member to provide their contact information on the invitation, so he or she can answer any questions and give thorough directions in case there is any confusion. Receiving an influx of calls and texts the day of the event will increase stress and slow down progress.

Play It Cool

When the actual day comes, act as normal as possible. Don’t give off a vibe that you have something up your sleeve! Start the day early, and set up the room at least an hour or two before guests arrive. Be sure to coordinate the exact timing of events with those you recruited to assist you. Hide any decorations or notes in a place that your parents are unlikely to find them.


Fool Your Parents

If your party is located in a room inside a restaurant, tell your parents that you are taking them out to eat. Ask the manager or server in advance to pretend as though he or she is escorting you and your parents to the dining area to be seated. In this particular case, instruct others to keep the lights on as your parents enter the room, and then have guests shout “surprise” in unison. This is truly a moment worth capturing, so make sure the photographer is nearby.


With the abundance of family and friends, the heartfelt speeches, delicious foods, and lively music, your parents are sure to have an unforgettable time! This is a fantastic opportunity to show your love and admiration for Mom and Dad. Remember—it’s all worth it.

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