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How to Set Goals

What We Think About and Plan, We Become

All of us participate in goal setting whether on a conscious or subconscious level.

“We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think.” —Buddha

Even if you have never set goals, you still invite the things you think about into your life.

“Goals that are not written down are just wishes.” —Unknown

I worked with a teenager, Samantha, who came to therapy for depression. She riddled herself with words like dumpy, chubby, heavy, and large—the words became part of her. She wasn’t even aware her thoughts contained such negativity. Samantha’s behaviors mimicked her thinking. Whenever she went shopping she bought clothes a size too big. Her garments fit loosely because she was ashamed of her shape. It was difficult for her to find friends. Her poor self-image had caused her to become what she thought about. For Samantha to change her life, she had to set a long-term goal to change her thinking.

Look and listen to yourself. Be aware of your thoughts and actions. Do they serve you well? Keep the positive and release the negative. Proactively decide the direction you want your life to take so you’re not swept along with the daily tide of life.

Choose thoughtfully and your life will become as rich as your dreams.

Plan Your Goals by Setting a Definite Priority Each Day

Daily goals lead to long term goals. You will only accomplish your long term goals if you make your daily goals the stepping stones toward them. Our nephew Sam recovered last year from spinal meningitis. Even though he was better, his body still succumbed to colds, bladder infections, and the like. He wondered if he would ever be well. His parents were concerned and flew him to see a leading specialist. The doctor outlined a simple program for him: exercise daily—keep yourself in good shape, and eat a healthy diet. Sam changed his lifestyle. He became a cyclist and now rides 60 miles several times a week. He includes healthy carbs, fruits, vegetables and protein in his diet, and he has been well ever since. His daily goals have led him to his long term goal of complete recovery from his illness.

As you set your goals, allow positive energy to flow through you. Tailor your program to your needs—develop a positive blueprint in your life.

If you find yourself starting out great and then letting the goals fall by the wayside, get back to your program. Set a time of accountability each month to stay on track. Remember—we’re all inconsistent at times. Come back to the place you would like to be. Do it again and again if need be.
Let your thoughts and actions lead you where you want to go.

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