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How to Announce You are Having a Baby!

Telling your family and friends is the first thing on your list, besides, you know, preparing for a baby. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, telling the world is the first of the many wonderful things to come. Finding that special way to tell everyone can seem like too much work. You have to think of some grand event and then actually pull it off. That is daunting. But, on the other hand, you want this to be special. How can you make it perfect and simple? Here are a few ways for specific people in your life.

Your Husband

1.      Give him a gift

Tell your husband that you’re pregnant by giving him a little hint. When he comes home be ready with a confusing gift. One story on Baby Zone had a wife giving her husband a dried pea telling him that his baby was that small. His confused and joyous reaction was exactly what she wanted. Other great gift ideas are fortune cookies, a calendar marked for baby’s birthday, a book of baby names, or anything that will hint to your man that there may be another man in your life soon.


2.      Lead him to the answer

A few people from Baby Center had great ideas for their husbands. One mother put a note saying she was pregnant on her belly before telling her husband to look at the mark on her stomach. The note read, “Hi, Daddy, I can’t wait to meet you!” Another mom put a single bun in the oven and told her husband to check in the oven for a gift. If you already have children, put them in a shirt that says big brother or big sister and see when daddy notices that his only daughter is a big sis. His face will be priceless.

3.      Tell him on camera

If you are big on capturing the moment this is a great way to always be reminded of how your husband reacted to his new son or daughter. Happy Home Fair gave a great example of telling dad that another baby is coming while taking a family photo. Set your camera to sequence and tell him in the middle of the pictures. You can even use this to announce to the whole family by printing it out and sending them an announcement card with dad’s happily surprised face.


4.      Spell it out

There is always the traditional; show him the pregnant-positive test. Do it in a fun way like Parenting.com did.  Have a game night with your husband where you both will win! You could do this with a lot of things: fridge magnets, a locked screen on your iPhone, or like another Parenting.com mom did, leave out the grocery list full of baby carrots, baby peas, baby back ribs and of course, Grubber’s baby food.

Your Kids

1.      Buy them a new doll

According to Mom.Me’s Myshia Driver, expert of infant, family and childhood development, the conversation about a new baby is important. Let them know with the things that they are already familiar with—their toys. Introduce a new doll to the mix and tell your child that there is about to be one more in the family too.

2.      Wait for the questions & record the answer.

Another suggestion by Driver is to wait for the baby bump. Kids are curious, so they will ask why mom is feeling sick in the morning or her stomach is starting to get bigger.  The truth about mom is always best. When you eventually tell your child make sure you save the joyous moment. It’s great to see reactions and pure joy from kids. Plus, you can probably save it for a wedding day somewhere in the little brother’s or sister’s future. Check out these great reactions for inspiration.

Logan is a Big Brother

Calendar Surprise

Gift of Being a Sister, Again


3.      Let them know on a holiday

No matter which one is coming up —Flag Day, their birthday, Easter— give them a gift and act like it’s just part of the celebration. It can be a card from the new baby saying they’re so glad to be his little brother, a new necklace that says sisters, or a cupcake with a binky on top! Have a bright celebration now that there is another child in the family. It will insure that kids are happy to share the spotlight.

The Whole Family

1.      The Photo

An easy and fun way to tell the family is in a picture. Post it on their Facebook wall, mail it to them or hand it to them. They will love the new art to add to the fridge and the new baby to add to the family. Here are a few great Photo Ideas.

From Happy Home Fairy


From Baby Center


2.      Give Grandma a gift

Having the head of the family get a gift at the next big gathering will let the whole family know that there is about to be one more person in line for hamburgers. Your parents will be happy to hear the news and honored that they were the ones you wanted to tell the most. When you let them know that they are a big part of your life therefore a big part of a new life, the reactions are wonderful.


3.      Tell the ones closest to you personally

Either tell them with a card or just tell them at dinner. Set aside a time to tell them when you can share the special moment together. You could leave it for a day when they seem down or a day where they think they’ve gotten all the great news there is to get.  Even in a private setting with a small gift shared by the three of you, it will be great. Here are some to be family members reactions caught on film for inspiration.

Her sister gets the news

Grandpa in tears

Mom is very excited


There are a million great ways to tell someone you’re pregnant, but they are only great ways because it is such  great news. Tell one person or tell them all, but don’t lose sight of how amazing this is while having fun telling everyone. It’s a great way to celebrate family each and every time there is a new part of it. If you have memories of peoples’ reactions to the news, they will be a highlight of your life, forever. You only get one (okay maybe a few) chance to tell them you’re having a baby, so plan it out and make it special!




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