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No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781945547775
Released : 3/6/2018

How the Finch Got His Colors

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Book Description

Many years ago, before the world bloomed in magnificent colors, the Earth lay stark and gray.

The animals that graced its skies and roamed its lands were the colors of dirt, clay, and stone . . . 

. . . until Rainbow descended to bestow her colors on the creatures of the world. Each bird asked for a bright and beautiful color: green for Parrot, red for Cardinal, and yellow for Canary. But will there be any colors left for little Gouldian Finch? He soon learns the power of patience and the beauty of all creatures.

Based on a Belgian folktale, this beautifully told and illustrated tale is a timeless treasure for every collection.

About the Author

AnneMarie Guertin
Annemarie Riley Guertin graduated with a bachelor of science degree in early childhood education from W...

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