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Home Painting Dos and Don’ts

Painting is just about the easiest way to give your home a good sprucing up to make it look new. Summer isn’t over yet, so get started on this one last project while you still have time, or recruit the kids while they’re still out of school. It only takes a day or two to make a room look brand new. Before you begin, here are a few dos and don’ts to painting your home in order to make it look professionally done.



Don’t use colors that are too dark or too bold in a full room. You may think you love crimson red, but you really don’t love it that much. A super dark color on every wall of a room makes it feel smaller and dingier. One of the most important aspects of a home to prospective buyers is that it feels bright and open. A dark-colored room will give it the opposite feel. If you happen to like living in cramped, melancholy spaces, that’s okay, but keep in mind how difficult it will be to cover that dark paint up when the next homeowner wants it gone.

Do use bold colors as accent colors. Maybe you absolutely need your crimson red on the wall. Do it! But in small portions. Paint the largest wall in a grand room the dark accent color, and leave the rest lighter. Go as dark as you want on the baseboards and crown molding, but paint the rest of the wall something more neutral.

Don’t be too boring. Many people want to keep their home colors as neutral and generic as possible in order to make their homes appealing to future buyers. Be careful not to make it too boring, such as all-white walls and tan baseboard, because buyers will be as turned off by the outdated feel.



Don’t try to use duct or masking tape to keep your paint in a neat line. There is a reason painter’s tape was invented. Duct and masking tape are meant to hold things together, not to form a straight and dependable line. If you paint on the edge of masking or duct tape, the paint will bleed into the tape and make your straight line look sloppy.

Don’t use the same brush for everything. They are different brushes specified for primer or paint use. Make sure you are using the correct ones or you will ruin the brush. You can use an “everything” brush for both, but it will take more time to clean after every single painting job.

Do use a paint brush for edges and a roller for large spaces. Do not try to get the paint all the way to the ceiling with a roller. You will most certainly get paint splotches on the ceiling and wind up with a poor paint job on the top of the wall.



Surprise your spouse with a new room in a day, or make it your last summer project. When painting, just make sure you are doing it right.


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