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Healthy Snacks for Your Hungry Homebodies

You want to keep your kids’ stomachs satisfied, but are lacking any other snack ideas besides chips, popsicles, and French fries. Below are some healthier snacks ideas for your hungry kids.


Tired of your kids running back for more food every half hour after snacking on chips? Almonds are filling and provide you with an excellent source of protein and energy. These will keep your kids full without gorging themselves, and also won’t leave them with a bloated belly. If necessary, spice the almonds up with a bit of salt, sugar, or other seasoning. They will become too tasty for your kids to even notice how healthy they are.


Greek Yogurt

Keep the standard yogurt on the shelf and test out Greek yogurt. You won’t regret it. Greek yogurt is packed with protein for all growing bodies and muscles and (debatably) tastes even better than regular, more sugary and fattening, yogurt. Crunch some granola or throw fruit in your bowl and it almost tastes like dessert for a snack.

Hard Boiled Egg

I am clearly a big fan of protein. As it is either healing, building, or fueling your body, it is difficult to ever eat too much. Eggs are bursting with protein. While scrambled eggs or over-easy will have the same effect, I always prefer hard boiled as a snack food. Cut them in half, and add a pinch of salt and pepper for taste. If you’re going for the healthy eater of the year award, pop out the yoke. You’ll have a tough time finding any food healthier than egg whites.


My favorite summertime fruits are watermelon, raspberries, and peaches. All contain their fair share of antioxidants and vitamins while multitasking by keeping you hydrated. Their natural sugars make them just as tasty and as difficult to stop eating as candy and popsicles.


Cucumbers, carrots, and split peas are delicious and fast snacks for a busy kid. Potassium, fiber, and vitamins are all prevalent in these. Focus on the split peas, and you’ve got yourself another huge helping of protein. Have fun with different kinds of dips to make them more appealing to your picky kids. The best thing about vegetables is no moderation is required. You want your kids to eat all they can get, so let them munch away.


Cheese is another great source of protein and vitamins. Look no further for giving your kids energy and strong bones. For some reason, freshly grated or sliced cheese always tastes the best. Throw it on a fruit plate instead of crackers. Your kids will consume less sodium and spend longer snacking on the fruit with this new variety.

Peanut Butter

Another excellent source of protein: peanut butter. Instead of smothering it on a piece of bread, spread peanut butter on apples, crackers, or celery. Each is a much healthier option with smaller amounts of carbohydrates and will leave your kids hungry enough for dinner later.

Trail Mix

Usually consisting of nuts, pretzels, raisins, and dried cranberries, trail mix is packed with energy and nutrients that will keep a hiker going all day. Active kids might just need as much energy and nutrition as a mountain climber. Make it yourself to keep it as healthy as possible. Try adding yogurt pieces or a bit of chocolate to get your kids more excited about it.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is another protein packed snack. This meat is lean with no fat and is great for taking it on the go. Make sure to inspect the nutrition label of the brand you buy in order to get the lowest amount of sodium in your child’s diet.


My all yearlong favorite: avocados. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they have a lot of fat. They are full of omega 3, which is the type of fat that is actually great for you. Most people do not get nearly enough of it, and it makes your heart healthier. Avocados are delicious on crackers, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, and are even great eating plain. If your kids are freaked out by an avocado, mash it up and you’ve just made the healthiest chip dip on the planet!

Try swapping the greasy, salty, and sugary treats for these healthier snacks. Your kids will come out with more energy and nutrients and will be thanking you for these healthy habits for years.


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