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The Road Not Taken

by Robert Frost


For all of life’s adventures comes The Road Not Taken, which The New York Times Book Review calls “a book that begs rereading.”  The first children’s book ever made of Frost’s famous poem, this moving presentation makes an inspiring gift for graduation, marriage, career moves, and all of life’s exciting roads.

The Gifts of the Animals

by Carole Gerber


With a beautiful narrative by author and poet Carole Gerber and stunning and intricate art by renowned Japanese artist Yumi Shimokawara comes one of the most anticipated Christmas gift books ever published. The Gift of the Animals shares the miraculous offerings the humble animals in the manger gave to the baby Jesus. 


A Christmas Carol

by Brooke Jorden


Bah! Humbug! Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas ghost story, a tale of human nature and second chances, comes to life for children! Tons of interactive elements invite kids to follow the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge as he is haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas and learns the value of kindness. Much more than a primer, Lit for Little Hands: A Christmas Carol tells the actual story in simple, engaging prose, and fans of the novella will be delighted by the book’s attention to detail and clever use of original dialogue. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll


Filled with interactive wheels and pull-tabs and lavishly illustrated, Lit for Little Hands: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an unprecedented kid’s introduction to Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic novel. Unlike many board books that tackle the classics, Lit for Little Hands tells the actual story in simple, engaging prose. 


by Larissa Honsek


Short and tall. Happy and sad. Hot and cold. Globally famous artist Larissa Honsek’s adorable clay figures help little ones identify the difference in these important concepts.

She Leads

The Elephant Matriarch

by June Smalls


She is the Queen. The matriarch. She leads her daughters and their daughters. Inspiring text and striking illustrations follow the empowering journey of an elephant matriarch as she leads her family through the wilds of Africa. With facts about African elephants on every spread and a message that will encourage young girls to be the trailblazers of their generation, She Leads offers an incredible story and an unforgettable tribute to the strength of a true leader. Open your eyes, princess. One day you will lead.

Happy Families Read Together TEST

We believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society, and that happy family life built on healthy habits.

We believe happy families love together, play together, learn together, work together,
talk together, heal together, read together, eat together, laugh together, and give together.

These 10 Habits of Happy Families quietly guide the books we choose to publish, the way we conduct our business, and the relationships we develop with our customers and authors.

We are a for-profit company, but sticking to our mission will always come before making a buck.

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