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7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Money in 2022

Student debt, credit card debt, investing, retirement planning, general financial stability, and tax prep. We all have areas of our financial life that are going …

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Heal Together

Understanding and Healing from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Do you feel blue as winter approaches? Do you struggle with wintertime sluggishness and feelings of depression? Does the change of seasons have a noticeably …

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Love Together

The Gift of Deep Listening and How It Works

Your daughter is upset because she wasn’t invited to a friend’s party. Maybe your partner is stressed about a work project that isn’t going as …

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Give Together

Giving Together

Finding the “perfect gift” every holiday season can be a stress-provoking experience! Will she like this? Does he already have that? Is this really what …

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Eat Together

Familius Family Holiday Traditions

Every family is unique in their own special way—this includes holiday traditions. Some of us celebrate with our extended family, or maybe just our immediate …

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Give Together

When the Holidays Hurt

I thought I’d done so well that first Christmas in 2012, after my first husband died. I’d managed to decorate the house, bake cut-out cookies, …

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