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Released : 10/1/2013

Grain Crazy (App)

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Amaranth, Spelt, Quinoa, Barley, Oats, Millet, Bulgur. . . why settle for only wheat when so many whole grains are available for cooking? With over 100 recipes made from whole grains the Grain Crazy App is the best way to explore the world of whole grains and begin cooking the most delicious and nutritious recipes available. Broken into chapters on breakfasts, snacks, sides and salads, dinners, desserts and quick and yeast breads, the Grain Crazy App provides a comprehensive collection of recipes with step-by-step instructions, full color photography, and nutritional value for each recipe. Adding in tips, tricks, and grain trivia, and a thorough and entertaining tutorial about the world of grains rounds out the Grain Crazy App and makes it practical for novice cook to culinary professional. What are you waiting for? Go Grain Crazy!

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Britney Rule
Britney is the mother of three little boys, ages four and under. We're sure you can imagine what her house sounds (and looks!) like. As such, when she writes articles for Familius, they usually start ...

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