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MAR, 2013

Gifts for Your Parents 

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One of our authors who runs the [email protected] conference recently talked about a gift she gave her father—a keepsake book created with a small company called Cherish/Bound. She started this company a few years ago to help people capture their family memories and have them published as gifts.

She said, “I gave my dad a keepsake book for Father’s Day last year. He keeps a collection of our family stories on a tidy shelf in his office, but last year’s Father’s Day book has stayed out on the desk. Sometimes I see it in the living room where he spends a lot of his day. I’ve even seen it on the nightstand in his room. He looks at it often.”

At Familius we love it when children connect with parents and this sounded like a great idea as Mother’s and Father’s Day are upcoming. She’s provided a special discount for any Familius family member who wishes to create a special keepsake book. Here are the specifics:

1.      Go to www.cherishbound.com:


2.     In the Cherish|Bound publishing center, click on “create a new book” (you can set up an account with just your email, and yes, it’s free.);

3.     Pick the Storybook Series and scroll down to Father’s Day 2010 (Don’t worry about the year);

4.     When the book loads it will come up with pre-loaded questions. Answer as many as you like. Upload a photo to go with your thoughts – or don’t. He’ll love what you wrote, with or without a photo to go with it. Repeat the process for a few more pages.

5.     When you’re done, use this code to get a discount when you submit your book: GRADDAD11

6.     Have it shipped to you – or you can send it directly to your father.



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