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Get in Touch with Your Green Side: Kitchen Herb Gardens

You reach over to your herb cabinet to sprinkle some rosemary onto the chicken you are sautéing. You pick up the bottle and it springs up in your hand due to the lack of weight within it. Someone used all the rosemary and left the empty bottle in the cabinet as a queue to you to buy some more. Such consideration. Instead of screaming at the closest family member for ruining dinner, consider planting yourself a kitchen herb garden.


Why it’s Useful

As mentioned before, running out of an herb in the middle of cooking can ruin an entire meal. An herb garden in your own kitchen will provide you with a supply of herbs whenever you need them as long as you take care of them. No need to check your cabinet to find out what you need more of. No more frustration at finding empty bottles. You will always know that the herbs are there when you need them.

Growing your own natural herbs is also healthier than using herbs stored in containers. When placed in containers to be sold, preservatives and chemical are typically added to the herbs to keep them fresher for longer. This means you are adding unnecessary, unhealthy chemicals to your body every time you sprinkle these herbs out of a container. Your own herbs are completely natural, and you will have the power of knowing exactly what you are putting in your body.

With an excess in herbs you will no longer have to save your herbs purely for consumption. Herbs can also be used as a replacement for certain medications and to help relax you as aromatherapy. Just the scents constantly spreading through the kitchen will provide your house with a calmer atmosphere.

Herb gardens will also save you money! As long as you tend to your plants, you will never have to drop your cash on bottles of herbs again.

Fresh herbs taste better. Herbs straight from the stem will add much more flavor to your seasoned foods. Improve your cook ratings and fool people into thinking you are a professional chef with the simple trick of using fresh herbs.


Best Herbs to Grow

Below are the most common and most useful herbs to grow in an indoor herb garden:

·         Basil: Consider the different types depending on the flavor you prefer (Genovese, Lemon, Spicy Globe). Indoors, the plant acts as a fly repellent. (Mother Earth Living)

·         Chives: Different types include an onion or garlic flavor. (Oregon Live)

·         Cilantro: With its tangy lemon flavor, it’s a great herb to have for Mexican food lovers. It is one of the easiest herbs to begin growing. (Mother Earth Living)

·         Oregano: This spicy herb is a common cooking ingredient. Consider the several different types. (Oregon Live)

·         Parsley: Another super common and healthy herb. Enlivens many natural flavors.

·         Rosemary: Delicious on vegetables and meat. (Mother Earth Living)

·         Sage: Can be prepared in several different ways depending on your uses for it. (Mother Earth Living)

·         Thyme: When placed on meat, it breaks down the fat to make it easier for your body to digest it. Another healthy benefit of herbs. (Mother Earth Living)


Tips for Planting and Growing One

·         Select a wall with large windows that provide natural light. Better yet, if you can find a spot with windows facing several directions, your plants will turn out even more ideal as some grow better facing different directions.

·         Don’t worry about your thumb lacking a green hue. Herbs are much easier to grow and maintain over their flower cousins. Even a little effort will make the garden thrive.

·         Use “rich, well-draining soil” in the plants and limit or avoid supplemental fertilizers. (Gardening)

·         Place herbs that spread in containers to keep them from cutting into the other herbs’ space. (Gardening)

·         Herbs do not do well in warm and stuffy environments. Maintain a cool and air-circulating atmosphere especially in the garden’s vicinity. (Parade)

·         Use your herbs often. Never save them away for another day. They usually need to be used and pruned in order to grow more fully, so rest assured that more will quickly grow after it is used.


Ideas for Organizing It

Small Vases

source: HGTV


Tin Can Cluster

source: HGTV


Rustic Ladder

source: La Tribu Des Elfes


Hanging Buckets

source: Sugar Bee Crafts


Center Stage

source: NE Home Mag


Jar Boards

source: Pinterest



Get a little healthier, and start having fun with your own natural herbs.


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