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Fun Activities to Bring Your Family Closer

Why wait until the next holiday to spend time with family? There are plenty of activities to enjoy with your immediate and extended family before the holiday season commences. Simply plan an event at your house or take advantage of all the fun-filled activities in your city.

Here are a few cool ideas to bring your family closer.


When planning the next family get-together, add a little dance and exercise to the mix. Plug in the Xbox and find a spacious area, such as your family room, to accommodate a large group. Turn on the Kinect-enabled game called Dance Central and watch your family compete against each other to see who has the best dance moves. Be sure to serve up cold drinks and finger foods, as your family will undoubtedly work up an appetite while on the dance floor. This family dance-off is bound to break out in countless hours of fun and laughter.

Birthday Celebrations

In addition to sending your family members birthday wishes on Facebook, celebrate their birthday in a memorable way. Plan a themed birthday party and have guests arrive in costumes. Create games related to the birthday boy or girl—for

example, “Who knows You Best.” Ask a series of questions, and pass out marbles to each person who gets a correct answer.  The person who has the most marbles at the end of the game wins a gift. Your loved one will definitely appreciate the time and effort that went into planning this event.

Painting Party

If planning an elaborate affair isn’t your thing, book a private party at a painting studio.  The relaxed atmosphere is a great opportunity to let those creative juices flow.  Paint your very own masterpiece while drinking a glass of wine and sharing a few laughs with your family.

U-Pick Orchards

There is absolutely nothing like picking fresh fruits from an orchard.  The entire family can take a stroll and view nature at its best while picking apples from the apple trees. This outing can also be used as an educational experience to teach family members the importance of eating healthy.


A family’s involvement in volunteerism will not only promote personal growth, but teach each person the importance of contributing to their community in a positive way. Spend a Saturday morning lending a helping hand to any local food bank, homeless shelter or other non-profit organization, and start the habit of giving back.   

It is easy to lose focus of what’s truly important while fulfilling life obligations. Though your family may have demanding schedules, make time for family bonding. Being in their presence will allow you to reconnect and maintain healthy relationships with those you cherish the most.

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