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Four New Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps you thought about cooking a special feast or booking a flight to visit family in your hometown. Of course, nothing is wrong with partaking in a traditional meal with your loved ones. But if you’re looking to switch things up a bit, consider these unconventional Thanksgiving ideas that everyone will surely love!  

Take a trip with the entire family

Reuniting with family for a Thanksgiving dinner is always be a great idea. But what if this dinner took place on an exotic island? Pack your bags and leave the cold weather behind for the ultimate vacation experience! Enjoy 80-degree weather while taking a tour of the island or relaxing on the beach. As for dinner, satisfy your appetite with whatever cuisine your chosen location has to offer. This will be one Thanksgiving your family will never forget.

Do a dinner and a movie

If you’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll know how much time and effort goes into it. Planning an elaborate meal, mingling with guests, and cleaning the kitchen afterwards is enough work to drain anyone. This year, think about forgoing your hosting duties and dine out at a local restaurant! Although most businesses are closed on Thanksgiving Day, a handful of restaurants will be keeping their doors open. The chefs may even prepare traditional Thanksgiving foods for their “special of the day.” Once dinner’s been devoured, make it a movie night! Go to the theater or pick a movie the whole family can enjoy.

Visit a homeless shelter

Spend this magnificent holiday helping those who are less fortunate than you. Many shelters are looking for volunteers this time of year. Get in touch with a local organization and help serve food to the poor in your community. You and your family can also donate clothes, food, and any additional items you don’t need to a homeless shelter. It is always important to give back to others during their time of need.

Prepare a non-traditional meal

If you’d still love to serve a traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day, try searching online for some new recipes. How does a sage-roasted chicken and pumpkin risotto or cranberry pie sound? You never know what might be a hit with the entire family!

This time of year is one of joy for so many families, regardless of how they celebrate it. Any of these unconventional ideas are sure to score big points with your loved ones. Regardless of whether you go the traditional route or you decide to try something new, remember to be thankful this holiday season.

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