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Five Family Friendly Field Trips

Within the first week of summer, everyone is itching to get out of the house and do something. Here are five affordable field trips that will be sure to chase away any summertime doldrums.

1.    The Zoo

I know, it seems like a worn out idea by the time the kids are 6, but trust me, most kids, and adults, never get tired of seeing their favorite animals up close.  Pack a picnic lunch, so you don’t have to buy overpriced food, map out which animals you want to see, and – if you want to make it educational – look up some fun facts about each animal before you go. A lot of zoos even have specially priced family days or county days where ticket prices are reduced in the summer!

2.    An Interactive Museum

Most towns of any size have an interactive museum within an hour’s distance from them. These places are great for parents and children to have some family friendly fun, especially on a rainy day. Find your local science museum and enjoy learning about momentum, space, and sound all over again. Find your local children’s museum and explore the rain forest, or watch them tumble through a life size doll house. The possibilities are endless.

3.    The Farmer’s Market

Summertime means fresh fruit and veggies in abundance and local farmers peddling their wares anywhere they can. Track down your local market, grab some cash that you would have spent at the grocery store anyway, and go crazy. Many stalls have samples of the product, and most have more than produce. Many markets join with local dairies and butchers so you can go hog-wild (much pun intended). Make it a weekend ritual to go shopping together for the week’s groceries.

4.    A Local Wonder

Every town has that spot that makes it unique. You know it’s there. When people ask  “What do you have to do around here,” it’s somewhere on your list of responses, but you’ve probably never been. So go! Whether it’s something fantastic like the Alamo, or just a tiny local museum, or even something as silly as “that old haunted house on Crescent Street,” go see it! Do research before to talk about its history and significance, and so you know if there is a fee, but go explore your town.

5.    Go Antiquing

Or to a flea market. Go somewhere where the stuff you’re looking at holds the promise of wonder. You may find a vintage comic book, or a doll you remember from when you were a kid. You may find brand new clothing, or a favorite new food stand. You could find anything, hidden among the piles of dust. You’ll even be able to bring a piece of your adventure back home with you.
Obviously, there are so many more places you can go to eradicate those summertime boredom blues, whether you choose the park, the library, or your own backyard. The point is to get outside and make the field trip an adventure!

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