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No. of Pages : 130
ISBN: 9781938301261
eISBN: 9781938301254
Released : 6/1/2013

Dude to Dad

The First Nine Months
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Book Description

Dude to Dad: The First Nine Months contains absolutely no expert advice or medical guidance.You can read about mucus plugs and colostrum elsewhere. What you will find is a candid, quick and often irreverent roadmap for making the most of your own personal transition from Dude to Dad. “I had just landed in a rickety prop plane on a dirt runway on an island in the Arctic Ocean off the north slope of Alaska. I picked up the satellite phone to call my wife and let her know we had survived the most aggressive part of the trip. She told me that she thought she should take “the test.” Little did I know that the journey had just begun . . .”

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Praise for Dude to Dad

"Few parenting books have been as honest, funny and true as this look at what happens to a man the moment he becomes a dad! Sure, there have been thousands written about the moms of the world, but finally the male side of the parenting coin is getting the attention it deserves!" —C.C. Chapman, Dad and Author of Amazing Things Will Happen

"There are dozens of baby books out there to choose from. There are very few dad books. And none of them provide the useful insight and hilarious honesty offered in Dude To Dad: The First 9 Months. As a future dad, I plan to keep this book glued to my hand at all times. It may not make fatherhood easy, but it will certainly make it a little less terrifying." —Mike Billeter, Dude and Author of Samuel Sporter, the Bravest Reporter

"Hugh avoids the well worn path of self mockery and dad defeatism to offer a sincere take on fatherhood for those of us dads-to-be that are neither buffoons nor deadbeats." —Bobby George, Dude and Co-Founder of Baan Dek Montessori & Montessorium

"No one tells you the truth when you're going to have a kid...until now. Hugh Weber has found the perfect tone, layout and words to communicate what really goes on in the head and heart of every man who finds out he's getting a new title, dad. You'll laugh out loud in the first two pages and you'll learn more than your in-laws will ever tell you by page six. IMPORTANT TIP: Buy this book and read it in front of your wife. She'll feel like you want to be a great dad but need some help, which is totally true. You do need help and you can be a great dad, thanks to Hugh." —Andy Traub, Author of Early To Rise

"Are you ready to be enlightened? ...over and over again with the amazing real-world insights within. and, don't be surprised if you are inspired to be a dad over and over again after reading this book!" —RiCardo Crespo / 4x proud daddy / Former Creative Director for Mattel Inc. and Global Creative Lead at 20th Century Fox

About the Author

Hugh Weber
Hugh Weber started DudetoDad.com as a genuine cry for help from an ordinary dude who wanted to be an extraordinary dad. He is currently in the third year of his Dude to Dad transition and lives in the...

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