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No. of Pages : 120
ISBN: 9781641701426
Released : 8/2/2019

Dogs Vs. Ice Cream

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Book Description

A must-have gift book for any dog and ice cream lover, Dogs vs. Ice Cream is a hilarious collection of priceless reactions when cute canines sample our favorite frozen treat. Celebrity dog photographer Diana Lundin provides a fantastic and unforgettable collection of images, from pit bulls to Yorkies, from Doberman pinschers to springer spaniels, boxers, dalmatians, poodles, and every breed you can think of who might like a scoop of ice cream!

About the Author

Diana Lundin
After working as a reporter, a television producer and a website editor, Diana Lundin struck career gold when she returned to photography, her first love. After a few snake-bitten forays into ...

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