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DIY: Valentine bouquets

Things you’ll need:

Most of what you see in the picture can be changed out with anything you pick but the definite necessities are:

-Container (I chose cups because my kids will love them)
-Glue gun
-Floral foam for dry and silk flowers
-Rocks or something heavy
-Tissue paper that matches your container
The rest of the items are toys, games, stickers, heart shaped suckers, and other candies I thought my kids would like.

Step 1
Wash your rocks and drop them in the bottom of your container. If your using glass set it down gently. (Do not skip this step or your finished product will likely be top heavy and tumble—I speak from experience)

Step 2
Cut your floral foam so it fits nice and snug inside your container. If your container is round you will need to trim your corners. Make sure it’s a tight fit or your entire arrangement will wobble.

The floral foam should rise above the container about ¼ in

Step 3
Take your floral foam out of the cup and set it on top of one square of tissue paper in the center. Then place another tissue paper on the top of the floral foam.

Then pull the tissue paper up the sides of the floral foam and push it into the container. Be careful not to tear the tissue paper. Now you are ready for the fun part!

Step 4
The next six items you use should be your larger items. Trim your skewers to the size you would like (I just broke them but if you have really amazing scissors you could use those). It’s better to keep the skewers a bit longer than cut them too short. You can always push the skewer farther into the foam. Make sure the pointy side of the skewer is left at the bottom so you can push into the floral foam. Now begin gluing on your treasures.

Place your first item near the back center of your floral foam pointing straight up.

Step 5
Take the next two items and place them at an angle near the back of the foam on either side of the heart. They should be a little lower than your heart.

Step 6
Place the next item (A game tablet) in the back left of the foam between the heart and the candy box.

Step 7
Place the next item in the back right of the foam between the heart and heart candy.

Step 8
Place the next item in the center front of the foam.

Step 9
Place a smaller item in the center between the ring pop and the heart. Your patience should be paying off right about now as your bouquet comes to shape.

Step 10
Now it’s time to fill in our spaces. This is where we use our smaller items. Put them wherever you see holes. I needed to make the heart sucker longer so I just glued it to a skewer. So easy. I also stuck the foam heart stickers on skewers. No need to glue, they are already sticky.

Step 11
Heart shaped ribbons. You can skip this step if you aren’t just dying for a ribbon that looks like a heart. But if you love it, this is what you do…
Take the end of your spool of ribbon and fold it on top of itself about 2 in.

Now fold the ribbon back up on itself.

Now fold the ribbon back down. Isn’t it so cute?!


To stabilize your heart put a drop of hot glue between the two halves of the heart at the base (see where my fingers are pushing together—that’s the spot) and press together.


You should have a cute heart. Clip the ends to the length you want and glue it to a skewer or wire and put them in the arrangement.

Step 12
It’s time for the finishing touches. The ribbon. Take your ribbon (I used about 18 inches, doubled) and slide it around your container between your two sheets of tissue paper and tie your bow.

One for my son and one for my daughter. The sky is the limit on these.
If you don’t like the color of the skewers—paint them. Customize your bouquet by gluing a gift card to a skewer for your husband’s favorite restaurant or stick in a bag of beef jerky. Get your daughter a gift card to her favorite clothing store. Buy tickets to a football game for your son or if you really want to go all out for your wife, get a gift card to a jewelry store or string on a necklace.
I once made a bouquet of just homemade cookies and brownies cut out in hearts. Cook the cookies in a cake pan and make sure they’re a little bit thick. (Make the brownies a little bit thicker as well by cooking them in a smaller pan). Once cooled use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out different sizes. You can leave your cookies and brownies plain or you can frost them in pinks and reds and decorate them to your hearts desire. Once they are ready, put the dull side of your skewer in some frosting and slide it into the center of the cookies or brownies and create your bouquet.
This valentines have fun doing something special for the ones you love the most!


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