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Deck the Halls with Homemade Ornaments

With Christmas getting closer by the second, many households have already put up their Christmas trees. It’s the ornaments that adorn the bare leaves, however, that make for the coziest winter atmosphere. Here you’ll find a list of creative ornament ideas that can both save you money and make your tree stand out.


With pine cones lying left and right on the streets, you can easily pick a few and turn them into adorable little hedgehogs—or, if you’re not up for transforming pine cones this year, pine cones themselves are dainty enough to put on your trees as they are, or, as the main image shows, pine cone hedgehogs are available for purchase at gardeners.com!

Family Photos

When it comes to Christmas, it’s all about family. Buy a few transparent glass ornaments and put pictures of you and your family in there. These make for ornaments that are not only heart-warming, but unique as well. Just imagine your Christmas trees covered in some of your favorite memories!


You might want to try “balloon ornaments” (Petit Elefant has a great list of instructions). There are a variety of colors you can choose from to paint your yarn with, and countless ways to decorate your ornament before you put it on the tree. Your children will love to blow the balloons up and make their own ornaments. Just be careful, though, that there aren’t a lot of sharp twigs around your balloons!


These are easy to get supplies for and easy to make. Fold magazine pages or recycled papers into a gorgeous star, snowflake, or even Santa. Origami instructions are very accessible as well, so just punch a hole on the paper, then tie a little knot with a thread—and there you have it!

Popsicle Sticks

Who knew popsicle sticks could be made into a Christmas ornament? Involve all your family and get creative with popsicle sticks. After coloring them accordingly and adding a few buttons or eyes here and there, your tree will look dazzling!


Corks are cute enough on their own to be Christmas ornaments, but if you have already stacked up a few of these, consider turning them into a reindeer, snowman, or more! The results will make a quaint, old-fashioned embellishment for your tree.

While people are our shopping for tradition, glass ornaments (which are very pretty, granted), your Christmas tree can be unique and imaginative if you go with some of the ideas above. The materials used are often materials that you already own, or, if you don’t, they’re extremely cheap to acquire. So get ready to DIY and encourage your family members to help out as well. Children, especially, will love to get involved. Spend some quality time together with your loved ones and make your very own creative Christmas tree!

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