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No. of Pages : 224
ISBN: 9781641700184
Released : 8/1/2018

Dear Libby

An Advice Columnist Answers the Top Questions about Friendship.
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Book Description

​Deep and lasting friendships are essential to our psychological and physical well-being. According to recent studies, they even lower blood pressure and improve brain function. Teens, in particular, benefit greatly from a network of friends they can trust. Unfortunately, between bullying, social anxiety, peer pressure, and other issues, many teens feel isolated. In Dear Libby, trusted columnist Libby Kiszner answers real questions from real teens about friendship:
  • What should I do when people who are supposed to be my friends call me names or embarrass me?
  • What should I do I do if I’m being ignored at school?
  • What is the best way to handle loneliness?
  • Someone just stole my friend. What can I do?
  • What can I do when my friends get together and “forget” to invite me? 
Dear Libby imparts wisdom without judgment and advice from the heart. The book includes tips, activities, and teaching strategies, plus techniques for improving communication skills, building confidence, and managing stress while nurturing yourself and your friendships. 

Praise for Dear Libby

From the readers of the Dear Libby column:
“I wish you'd been around when I was younger.”—F. Safran
“Dear Libby has become a household name.”—C. Ehrenster
“Although I am a woman in my forties, I look forward to your column.”—S. Jacobs
“You’ve made a quantitative impact on young people.”—Y. Peterseil
“Dear Libby, I love your column in the magazine. I always read it first.”–Anonymous
“Dear Libby, every time I read the magazine, I turn to Dear Libby. I know that your column is meant for children and teens, and I'm in my midthirties, but there is something about your responses that is very empowering, resonates with me, and feels like it's rooted in truth.”—Anonymous
“Dear Libby, how do you always know what to answer? Many times I read the question and then cover the answer to try to figure it out myself. But your answers always have a fresh and original twist.” --S.K., Brooklyn
“Dear Libby, your answers are always loving.”—Mrs. Feldman
“Most popular column.”—Judith from the Mishpacha production department

About the Author

Libby Kiszner
Libby Kiszner has a background in counseling both kids and adults with degrees from the Refuah Institute in Counseling and the Narrative Therapy Institute, plus additional training in psycholo...

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