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No. of Pages : 376
ISBN: 9781942934387
Released : 4/5/2016

Daily Motherhood

365 Days of Inspiration for the Hardest Job You'll Ever Love
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Book Description

You are exactly who your children need. No one can fill your shoes. No one can give what you have to offer. No one can love or know your child like you do. That is the privilege of being a mother. —Catherine Arveseth, Motherhood Realized

Every mom needs a pick­-me-­up now and then—so why not every day? With 365 gorgeously designed quotes about motherhood, one for every day of the year, Daily Motherhood is the perfect gift for every mother. This beautiful quote book will inspire, uplift, and energize moms, reminding them why they do what they do and recommitting them to the world’s greatest job: motherhood.

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