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Create Lasting Memories for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, let’s celebrate Mom and the amazing women who raised us by creating lasting memories with our families.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes—foster moms, adoptive moms, stepmoms, grandmas—and so do memories. But unfortunately, the older we get, the faster the memories seem to go. Where did I leave my keys? Did I turn the oven off?

Memories are the one thing we all want to hold on to, but sometimes it can feel like we’re trying to hold running water. Especially when our parents and kids (and ourselves) are growing up faster than we can blink.

With time in limited supply and memory so precious, what better gift for Mother’s Day than memories that will last a lifetime?

How Do You Create Long-Lasting Memories?

Like your smart phone, memories are not made to last forever. And since memories are so intangible, you might think that there’s no way to hold on to them aside from taking pictures of everything. But GoodTherapy says that’s not always true—you can help your memories stay vivid and long-lasting with a few simple exercises.

Here are some ways you can create and hold on to the memories you will make with your mom or your kids this Mother’s Day:

  • Get in touch with emotions
  • Pay attention to and engage all senses
  • Make as many associations as possible
  • Recall the experience and share with others
  • Use sensory clues, like smell or music
  • Exercise and eat healthily
  • Meditate
  • Sleep on it
  • Keep a record

Ten Things You Can Do Together to Create Memorable Moments

Now that you know how to make a memory last, here are ten ways to create memories that tap into your emotions and leave a mark on you, your mom, and your kids for a lifetime.

1. Take a Walk

Taking a walk together is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and connect with your mom or kids. It can be a leisurely stroll, a brisk walk, or even a run if that’s your thing. The point is to spend time together and chat about life. (If you’re running, maybe wait until you take a break to talk.)

2. Cook a Meal Together

Cooking a meal together is not only a great way to bond, but it’s also an opportunity to learn some of your mom’s favorite recipes or share your own. Plus, you get to enjoy a delicious meal at the end!

If you’re out of recipe ideas, check out our cookbook collection.

3. Have a Spa Day

Plan a spa day at home or at a local spa. Indulge in facials, massages, and other treatments to relax and bond with your family. I know that moms are always happy to be pampered, and kids like to do what mom likes. So if this sounds like you, give it a shot for Mother’s Day.

4. Take a Day Trip

Plan a day trip to a nearby town or attraction. Go hiking, take a trip to the beach or mountains, visit a museum, or enjoy a scenic drive together. The options are endless, but the important part is doing what you like for Mother’s Day.

5. Play Games

Competitions can get intense, but when you’re having fun, those emotions are all the sweeter. Playing games together is one way to make lasting memories with your family. Board games, card games, outside games—they are all perfect for bringing moms and kids together. You can even make it a weekly tradition.

For some new game ideas, check out the Big Book of Family Games.

6. Attend a Concert or Show

Surprise your mom (or kids, if you’re feeling nice on Mother’s Day) with tickets to her favorite band or artist, or attend a play or musical together. She’ll love that you remembered what she liked, and the two of you will have a memorable event to enjoy together.

7. Do a Craft Project

Get creative and do a craft project together. It can be as simple as painting a picture or making a scrapbook of family memories. This activity has the added advantage of giving you something to remember the memory by for the rest of your life.

8. Volunteer Together

Give back to your community by volunteering together at a local shelter or food bank. It’s always heartwarming to help others, and even better if someone you love does it with you. Choose a cause that both of you care about, and you’ll walk away with memories that make you smile every time you remember them.

9. Have a Movie Night

Pick a movie or TV show you both love and have a movie night. Even better if the movie makes you laugh, cry, and feel all the emotions. (I still remember watching The Notebook with my Mom for the first time—there were tissues everywhere.) And don’t forget the popcorn and snacks!

10. Take a Class Together

Take a class together like cooking, painting, or pottery. It’s a great way to learn something new and bond with your family at the same time. And the next time you paint or make a pot, you’ll remember the time you did that with your mom or kids.

Make the Memory a Good One

There are lots of ways to create memories, but the most important thing is making the memory a good one. Your kids and the moms in your life—adoptive, foster, step, grand, and so many more—will cherish every good memory you give them.

To get some last-minute gift inspiration for Mom, check out our article “10 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom.” (Mom, if you’re reading this, send it to your kids or partners as a subtle not-so-subtle hint.)

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Shaelyn Topolovec earned a BA in editing and publishing from BYU, worked on several online publications, and joined the Familius family. Shae is currently an editor and copywriter who lives in California’s Central Valley.

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