If we’re being honest, most of our bathrooms can be in a constant state of catastrophe. We just have too much stuff that belongs in there and not nearly enough room for it. I have lived with a roommate too many that liked to leave her curling irons, blow-dryers, makeup, towels, lotions, and bobby pins sprawled all over the bathroom counters and floors because that was easier than putting them in a neat place. Not only can this habit be aggravating for all other bathroom-sharers, but also dangerous when the cords and water start fraternizing.

You may know one of these bathroom monsters I am talking about. Or maybe you are one. Either way, the best ways to fix these messy bathroom habits is by making organization so easy and open that you will have to try in order to make a mess of it again. Check out these tips for bathroom organization and making the most of your space.


Small Counter Items

Organization Tray
source: Eat. Sleep. Decorate.


There are some things that are more convenient on the counter rather than under the sink on a shelf. If you are used to items being out in the open, keep them there, or you will end up just leaving them out in a mess anyway. Keep your counter items organized by placing them on a tray. They will look neat bunched together, and all the space beyond the tray will remain clear.


Mason Jar Shelves
source: Pinterest

Mason Jar Shelves

Bolt a few small mason jars to a cute plank of wood and hang it next to the counter. Your counter items will still be easily accessible and will leave the whole counter clear.


Drawer Dividers
source: Pinterest

Drawer Dividers

Do you have to dig in the mound of random objects in bathroom drawers for several minutes until you can find what you’re looking for or just give up? Do you sometimes have the urge to chainsaw the drawer off when something gets stuck at the top and it won’t slide? Give each item its own organized place with drawer dividers. Even a utensil holder will suffice.


Under the Sink Storage
source: The Diary of a Real Housewife

Under the Sink Storage

Label a few small containers that will fit nicely under the sink. Smaller boxes will make them easier to pull out whenever you need them. Organize them into categories, and place what you use the most on the top.


Spice Rack Shelves
source: Misc Finds 4 U

Spice Rack Shelves

Instead of standard shelves, spice rack shelves will keep product and lotion bottles secured on them. Hang them on the wall in the open or even on the inside of cupboard doors.



Bathroom Storage Case Bathroom Storage Case
source: Shanty 2 Chic

Mirror Storage Case

A full length mirror in the bathroom is already helpful. Place it on hinges and hang shelves behind it to make it even more useful. Your items will still be easily accessible and hidden behind the chic mirror.

Bulky Appliances

Magazine Rack Storage
source: Good Ideas for You

Magazine Racks

Bulky appliances with cords seem to always be in the way and are the leading culprits for bathroom messes and possible dangers. Tuck those blow-dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and any other bulky, corded device in metal magazine racks, and slide them in an easily accessible spot under the sink.


Hook Hangers Organization
source: Bathroom Designs 130

Hook Hangers

Hooks are also quick and easy storage methods for appliances. Attach them to the inside of cabinets to keep them out of sight.


Wall Bins Organization
source: DIY N Crafts

Wall Bins

If you want to store your appliances in style, find a cute wall bin. Secure them to the wall, and you’ll have an even easier access to these appliances. The best part is that the cords will be out of harm’s way while you are in the middle of using your hair appliance.


Towels and Linens

Hanging Baskets
source: [email protected]

Hanging Baskets

These baskets will create more space in your linen closet or can take up wasted space on an unused wall. No need to open every drawer in order to find what you’re looking for. All your goodies can be stored right out in the open.


Wine Rack Towel Holder
source: Pinterest

Wine Rack Holder

Don’t you hate it when you finish your shower and find out that you forgot to grab a towel from the closet? No more naked, cold sprints. Convert a wine rack into a towel rack and install it right next to the shower. It makes for cute and convenient decoration.


Sideways Baskets Organization
source: DIY N Crafts

Sideways Baskets

A cute wicker basket turned to the side makes for adorable and easy linen storage. Another option for ending the naked sprints.


Bobby Pins and Small Items

Magnet Strips
source: DIY N Crafts

Magnet Strips

I bet you all have been into a female’s room that has eight thousand bobby pins laying in every corner and crevasse. It’s hard to find a good spot for these tiny buggers, and that spot will usually get mixed in and lost with other things at some point anyway. Place a magnetic strip by your mirror, and never gouge your foot with a fallen pin again. Your bobby pins will have their very own spot, along with any other small metal tool that wants to hang.


Magnetic Frame Organization
source: DIY N Crafts

Magnetic Frame

It’s hard to find a good system for makeup. You want all your stuff to be visible or else your impatience will give you fewer options because it is not willing to look through all your shades and colors. Make everything organized and visible with a magnetic makeup board. You’ll just need to attached a magnet to the back of each makeup item and decorate the metal board as you please.


Personal Items

Personalized Jars
source: Pinterest

Personalized Jars

Having several bathroom-sharers is a good way to have a constant mess and accidently use the wrong toothbrush. There are few things worse than realizing you’ve been brushing with the wrong toothbrush for the past three minutes. Stop the horror with your own personal jars.

Labeled Shelves
source: Modern Home Decor

Labeled Shelves

Get your hygiene products off the counter with personalized shelved. No more clutter; no more confusion.


Using Wasted Space

Lots of Shelves Organization
source: Indulgy

Lots of Shelves

Bathrooms are already too small, so use up every inch of space you can think of. The best way to do this is with shelves. Any empty wall is ready to be filled with shelves.


Shower Baskets Organization
source: Pinterest

Shower Baskets

There’s a lot of space up high in a shower, if you think about it. Add another shower rod, put on some hooks, and hang baskets for extra soap, shampoo, products, sponges, and bath toys.


Rolling Cart Organization
source: Pinterest

Rolling Cart

Some bathrooms have a whole square of empty space, mocking you and your clutter. Show it who’s boss by placing a cute rolling (or non-rolling) cart there. It can hold just about anything that needs storing.


Toilet Shelves Organization
source: Pinterest

Toilet Shelves

There is a whole lot of space around toilets that could work harder. Just because it is near the toilet does not mean it is not clean. I would make sure nothing is close to falling in, however.


Corner Shelves
source: Apartment Therapy

Corner Shelves

Got a corner too small for a cart? Give it some corner shelves. Shelves are not just for the flat wall but for the bent as well.


Over the Door Shelf
source: My Luscious Life

Over the Door

Look at all that empty space up by the ceiling. Fill it up with over-the-door shelves. I would restrict the storage up there to extra products or rarely used items. You will not be happy having to jump or call for the ladder everyday to get to your brush.



Use these ideas and you will find your bathroom more organized than ever before. Just remember to choose the best system that you will be willing to stick to.

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