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No. of Pages : 160
ISBN: 9781942934059
Released : 10/13/2015

Christmas Wonders

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Book Description

"Have a wonder-filled Christmas," people in Luke's new hometown greet one another as Christmas approaches. With no memory of a Christmas celebration, ten-year-old Luke feels excluded from the town's tradition, until he finds his deceased mother's nativity set. Touched by Mary's protecting embrace of the Baby Jesus, Luke experiences his first Christmas Wonder. His discovery is the catalyst for a search that leads to a soul-changing season for neighbors as Luke finds his connection to heavenly love.

Robyn Buttars, author of the bestselling and award-winning novella Christmas Rose, weaves an unforgettable holiday story for the entire family. 

About the Author

Robyn Buttars
Robyn is an award winning author. Her books, stories and songs have been recognized in many contests. She and her husband, Kent, live on their family dairy farm in Lewiston, Utah and are the parents o...

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