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Christmas Cookies with a Unique Twist

Tis the season to begin baking! What would the Holidays be like without the intensive and extensive hours spent in the kitchen prepping for celebrations of seasonal cheer? Cookies are an intrinsic tradition. Every family has their favorites whether it’s green sugar cookies cut in the shape of a tree or Grandma’s secret gingerbread recipe. However, trying new cookies is one of my absolute favorite traditions during Christmas time. Here are some new cookie recipes to put on your table this holiday season. Enjoy!

Cashew-Caramel Cookies

In my humble opinion, cashews are the most underrated nut in the history of cooking. Although they seem plain, they have amazing subtle flavor. This holds true not only in stir-fry and stews, but also in baked goods. Now mix cashews with the all-time favorite ingredient, caramel, and you have a fabulous cookie that screams sophistication and flavor. Still unsure? Give this recipe a try.

Snicker Doodle Sandwiches

Another traditional cookie for any time of year is the snicker doodle. While this cookie may not be as popular during the holidays, add a new twist of cream cheese and create new flavor combinations that will blow your mind. Warm sugar and cinnamon on soft sugar cookies mixed with a biting sour cream adds a sweet and savory cookie to your list. To see this recipe, follow this link.

Chai Cookies

Chai flavoring has quickly become a recent favorite, expanding beyond teas into other realms like lattes and cakes. Chai cookies are still a relatively new idea, but when done well are very fulfilling. So before you subconsciously begin making spice cookies, think twice and consider these Chai cookies. To learn more, look here.

Andes Mint Cookies

Where would Christmas be without Andes mints? Mint generally screams for holiday cheer. Everywhere you look candy canes, mint hot chocolate, and mint flavored items seek to celebrate the season. Combining Andes Mint with a chocolate cookies recipe was one of the most brilliant recipes invented. Find it here.

Frosted Maple Cookies

The word “maple” implies long snowy days deep in the woods. Maple syrup is not only for pancakes and waffles. Maple cookies fulfill the sweet tooth with the most natural sugars on earth. This soft cookie will melt in your mouth along with the sugary crystals that comprise the Maple frosting. Explore this recipe more.

Chocolate Hazelnut Crinkles

Hazelnuts are another classic Christmas ingredient that beg for use. These nuts are known for their classy and expensive flavor. Chocolate hazelnut is a traditional pairing for desserts. The crinkle cookies with powdered sugar add a unique element to these unusual cookies. When added to your plate of traditional sweets, these crinkles will give your plate a new trendy spin.

Candy Stripe Cookie Sticks

Like the previous chocolate crinkles, these candy stripe cookies will add a new look to your dessert plate. Wafer cookies are a delicious, light snack that combats the heavy sugar and chocolate that seems to infiltrate the Christmas season. This airy cookie satisfies the need to crunch while leaving room in your stomach to try many other delicious treats. Learn more about this recipe here.

Ready to get started? Grab your new recipes and head to the kitchen. Happy holidays!

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