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Celebrate the Last Day of School!

The last day of school is a big accomplishment in the life of a family. It is something to celebrate, especially for young children who are years from graduating and have worked hard to learn to read, multiply, be a friend and much more at school!  Whether home schooled, in public or private school, there is still a finite day to mark and celebrate the end of a year’s hard work.  Begin an easy-going summer with these fun and relatively simple celebratory activities!


Leading Up to the Big Day

From Happy Home Fairy

Countdowns are such a fun way to cross days off the calendar when you’re a kid, and getting to pop a balloon is the best way to do it!  This is definitely an upgrade from the paper chains I was making as a kid.


For Lunchbox-Note Writers

From Happy Home Fairy

Kids (and adults alike) can appreciate the designation of finite, completed actions.  So much satisfaction and joy can be had when recognizing that something is 100% finished. Why not get that satisfaction in the part of the day every kid enjoys —lunch time.


Make a Summer Portal

From Shannon Brown’s Finding Joy in the Journey

Once your kids walk through the portal, summer has begun!  What a fun, festive, and simple project.  This mom had some more cute ideas to lead up to her portal pictured below.


Plan a Treat

So simple, but so special for kids who love knowing their parents are proud of them!


An Autograph Beach Ball

From Happy Home Fairy

This is a great, cheap and fun way for your kids to remember their classmates. All you need is a beach ball and a marker to seal in the memories. Plus, they can use the beach ball all summer long.

For Carpoolers

From Sugar Bee Crafts

Cars filled with balloons are such a fun surprise!  A great alternative to the summer portal if the weather isn’t looking too awesome.  Parents be wary that pops will occur—not for the easily startled!


A Tradition to Begin

From The Haps

This is such a fun idea, because you can make it as involved or simple as you prefer!  Don’t sweat it if you haven’t done it yet—there are more years ahead!

All these things and more can be done to commemorate the end of a school year. Let your kids know how proud you are and that summer will be a blast! If you want even more things to celebrate a job well done, all the websites below have loads of great activities:

Happy Home Fairy

Shannon Brown’s Finding Joy in the Journey

Sugar Bee Crafts

The Haps


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