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Making Memories

A friend posted a cute picture on the internet of his three-year-old daughter’s doll.  She wanted Daddy to sew a button and a button hole on her doll’s blanket.  For an attorney (and I’m saying this for his benefit—I used to be his legal secretary), he did a pretty good job!  My first thought was, …

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Love, Gram: How Letterwriting Can Bring You Close to Your Grandkids

As they compete against modern technology, friends, and rigid schedules, many find their relationships with their grandchildren lack depth and meaning. Cell phones and the Internet provide crucial links, but all too frequently such forms of communication are rushed and superficial. Though the concept may seem out of date, one way to help bridge generational distance is by corresponding with …

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25 Quotes on respect

An important building block of any solid relationship, respect is a critical element not only between friends, but also between family members, coworkers, even strangers. Countless figures throughout history – from Confucius to contemporary American author Teresa Mummert –have recognized this and have spoken on the value of respect and the role that it plays …

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25 Quotes on Hard Work

Sometimes, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the things that we have to do. Not only must we work forty hours a day to support ourselves and our families, but sometimes the balancing act of juggling day jobs, family time, and “me” time can feel like work itself. Hard work is exhausting. But the …

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