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The Half-Diet Diet


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The Half-Diet Diet is an accessible and universal weight-loss program. Rather than focusing on convoluted and challenging diets, Richard Eyre, bestselling author of Teaching Your Children Values and The Turning, provides a simpler way to control your appetite and lose weight forever:

  • Level One: The Physical Diet—Learn what your body really needs and how controlling your appetite is about more than physical strength.
  • Level Two: The Mental Diet—Learn to live more fully at half speed and strengthen your mind to be master of your body.
  • Level Three: The Spiritual Diet—Connect to your body and mind through greater spirit balance.

More than just a weight-loss program, The Half-Diet Diet helps you meet your weight-loss goals by taming your physical, mental, and spiritual appetites. The most complete diet book to date, The Half-Diet Diet is guaranteed to improve your body, mind, and spirit!


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Product Details

Page Count: 226
ISBN-10: 1942934130
ISBN-13: 9781942934134
Product Format: Paperback

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