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The Family Guide to Aging Parents


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Are you struggling with what to do with difficult aging parents? Are they stubborn and refusing help? You are not alone. Millions of adult children face issues when parents’ health starts to decline and they can’t do things safely anymore. There is endless information on the internet, much of it confusing and even contradictory with common sense. Skip the confusion! Now you can get clear, professional, action-oriented answers to your most vexing legal, health care, and financial questions about your aging loved ones. Author Carolyn Rosenblatt is an RN and attorney with over 45 years of combined experience. She is a consultant for families at AgingParents.com, and her work there informs her writing. Find real case illustrations and real-life solutions to problems like yours. You’ll find a chapter on how to have the often uncomfortable money conversation with your aging parents, how to safely hire a home care worker, what you need to know about assisted living, how to get your parent to give up driving, how to prevent your loved ones from being abused and much more. The Family Guide to Aging Parents gives you the legal and healthcare expertise you need to guide you through the many difficult decisions you have to make as your parents age.


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Page Count: 342
ISBN-10: 1939629578
ISBN-13: 9781939629579
Product Format: Trade Paperback

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