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Spilt Milk Yoga is a companion guide for mothers who want to experience the happiness, peace, and purpose available in each moment, and who want to be more present and connected to themselves and their children.

Author Cathryn Monro combines personal experience, honesty, and humour to acknowledge the moments when motherhood stretches us to the edges of our tolerance, patience, anger, and exhaustion and asks; “Will motherhood ruin my life?” “What happened to my body and my career?” “How do I achieve anything?” “Am I doing it right?” “Whose anger is this?” “Is an ordinary life good enough?”

Spilt Milk Yoga approaches motherhood as a path offering life’s richest and most profound lessons on love, acceptance and joy. Through guided self-inquiry the challenges become opportunities to grow, not in spite of motherhood, but because of it.


About Cathryn Monro

Cathryn Monro is a professional artist, writer, educator, group worker and mother of two. Of all these jobs Cathryn rates mothering as by far the most challenging, creative, meaningful and fulfilling. Cathryn's life and work combine her creative drive, a commitment to holistic quality education and the principles of psychodrama, with yoga and meditation practices.

Cathryn holds a BFA and MFA from the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, and has a 30+yr career as a professional artist. Between degrees Cathryn trained at the Drama Action Centre, Sydney, Australia, in physical theatre and communication training. It was there in 1990, that she began her yoga and meditation practice.

On returning to New Zealand Cathryn went on to train as a director in psychodrama and group work and began a 20+yr teaching career in NZ's premiere tertiary arts institutions. Cathryn worked as facilitator of workshops for parents with the Anger Change Trust for 2 years and was scriptwriter for 11 years for the charity Books In Homes, promoting a love of reading and book ownership to thousands of disadvantaged schoolchildren throughout New Zealand. Through this time Cathryn had two daughters and continued to pursue her yoga and meditation practice.

Over the last 10 years Cathryn has worked extensively with students and professionals leading groups in practice-based inquiry processes, drawing on the experiences of group members to deepen and integrate learning, build collaborative relationships and enrich working cultures.

Cathryn lives with her husband and daughters in Wellington, New Zealand.

Product Details

Page Count: 250
ISBN-10: 1942934750
ISBN-13: 9781942934752
Product Format: Paperback

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