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The cover of the book Shallow-Pit Garden Composting.

Shallow-Pit Garden Composting


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Many gardeners give up making backyard compost in frustration—the compost pile smells, it requires too much work to turn the heap, and the process requires too many ingredients and too much attention. Gardeners who have used compost barrels or kits know that their experience ends in one way: a smelly barrel that, after months of care, produces only a tiny amount of compost. What to do? Return to the way that compost has been made for centuries—in shallow pits. With this method, the compost never needs to be turned, never smells, and is ready in half the time. Any backyard gardener can make volumes of sustainable compost without any work. Shallow pit composting works with Mother Nature, letting her do the work!


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Page Count: 70
ISBN-10: 1942934831
ISBN-13: 9781942934837
Product Format: Trade Paperback

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