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Marvin's Monster Diary 5


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It looks like it’s going to be a great year for Marvin! He’s captain of the garbageball team at school, the Monstrocity Minotaurs, and he’s happy to be back with all of his friends for another season. But when the first few practices are roaring failures, Marvin starts to wonder if he’s really cut out for the job. After a pick-me-up from Grammasaurus and a major boost of self-confidence, he bites off more than he can chew by signing up for jazz band, Garden Uglification club, and the school play. Join Marvin as he learns that self-esteem needs to come from within, and sometimes we need to know our limits as well as our talents. 

Marvin's hilarious doodles and diary entries chronicle his delightful adventures, misadventures, and eventual triumph in a funny, relatable way. It's the one series on ADHD and associated issues that kids will actually want to read! 


About Raun Melmed

Raun D. Melmed, MD, FAAP, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, is the director of the Melmed Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, and co-founder and medical director of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. He is the author of Autism: Early Intervention; Autism and the Extended Family; and a series of books on mindfulness for children: Marvin's Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks, Timmy's Monster Diary: Screen Time Stress, Harriet's Monster Diary: Awfully Anxious, Marvin's Monster Diary 2 (+Lyssa): ADHD Emotion Explosion, Marvin's Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends (But I Get By, Big Time!), and the next in the series, and Marvin's Monster Diary 4: Bullying.

About Caroline Bliss Larsen

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Page Count: 112
ISBN-10: 1641707399
ISBN-13: 9781641707398
Product Format: Paperback

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