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I Don't Care If It's A Boy Or A Girl So Long As It's Deductible


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From the moment you hear you’re going to be a father, you’ll enter into a brand new world that you never imagined. Your daily tasks will be consumed with complex engineering (trying to figure out how to buckle your child’s car seat), counseling (healing emotional stress caused by endless boo-boos), learning a foreign language (Braxton-Hicks, teething ring, nasal aspirator, and onesie, just to name a few), and nighttime navigating (Do you remember what 3 a.m. looks like? If not, you will!)

This humorous look at the journey through fatherhood will keep you laughing and crying at the greatest adventure you’ll ever take.  


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Page Count: 184
ISBN-10: 1944822887
ISBN-13: 9781944822880
Product Format: Paperback

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