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Grow, Baby, Grow!


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See baby grow and develop month by month with 9 stunning, life-size pop-ups! Grow, Baby, Grow! artistically and poetically illustrates the growth of a baby before birth by comparing him or her to something wonderful and familiar: a pearl on the beach, a cherry on a limb, a starfish in the sea. Grow, Baby, Grow! is a beautiful treasure for expecting mothers, new arrivals, and curious siblings-to-be.


About Mertixell Marti

Meritxell Marti is a writer, professor of humanities, consultant of entrepreneurship, and an expert in connecting ideas. She's also skilled in public speaking, motivation, and a foment of creative projects.

About Xavier Salomo

Xavier Salomo is an illustrator and paper engineer. He has collaborated with leading publishers in Spain and France and has worked on children's magazines. Xavier has won the Junceda Prize twice.

Product Details

Page Count: 18
ISBN-10: 1641701005
ISBN-13: 9781641701006
Product Format: Hardback

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