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Energy is all around us. It makes things move, it heats things up, and it can make things glow to give us light. But where does that energy come from?

Learn about different forms of energy, from traditional sources like coal and gas to renewable sources like solar and wind, with interactive elements on every page. Kids can spin a wind turbine, mine for coal and uranium, and learn how energy creates electricity and electricity powers the world around us.


About Tyler Jorden

Tyler Jorden earned a BS in chemical engineering from BYU. He has worked for Micron in Singapore, for Intel in China, and now in management for Micron in Utah, where he lives with his wife and three children. 

About Elsa Martins

Elsa is an illustrator and designer based in sunny Portugal, where she spends her days drawing for both children and children at heart for her brand, Somebodyelsa.

Product Details

Page Count: 14
ISBN-10: 1641702540
ISBN-13: 9781641702546
Product Format: Board book

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