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Color Me Your Way


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Color Me Your Way is a bestselling coloring book for children and adults alike. The first book in the series is an A to Z adventure of whimsical animals and settings. Not only is this coloring book entertaining and imaginative, it has become a therapeutic stress-reducer for many.

A family affair, grandparents, parents, and children can join together, creating time to color and talk. This series brings out the artist in everyone who accepts the invitation to expresses their individuality and use the color palette with no limitations or rules.


About Pamela Smart

Pamela Smart is a self-taught artist influenced by her mother and the multicultural background of growing up in Hollywood, CA. She's had a love for both animals and art since she was a little girl, which led her to illustrate the bestselling family coloring book series Color Me Your Way. The mother of four children, she lives in Boise, ID, where she continues to work on new additions to her internationally bestselling coloring book series.

Product Details

Page Count: 26
ISBN-10: 1450781764
ISBN-13: 9781450781763
Product Format: Spiral Bound

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