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The cover of the book A Steminist Force.

A Steminist Force


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Laura W. Carter’s A Steminist Force is a valuable resource for promoting girl power and encouraging young girls to explore STEM subjects fearlessly, featuring illustrations by Anna Doherty.

We are girls as bright as fire!
We’re a STEMINIST brigade.
Leaving blazing trails behind us
On our groundbreaking crusade.

Written in rhyme with young girls in mind, A Steminist Force is a rallying cry of rhythmic prose that celebrates female contributions in STEM fields across the world and throughout history. From mathematicians to meteorologists, from architects to astronauts, this book celebrates pioneering women’s contributions to STEM fields across the world.

With backmatter detailing each woman’s individual contributions to her field, this colorful picture book is the perfect classroom or living room tool to introduce children to remarkable women in STEM history and to encourage girls to continue exploring STEM subjects in their own education.


About Laura Carter

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Product Details

Page Count: 32
ISBN-10: 164170960X
ISBN-13: 9781641709606
Product Format: Hardback – With dust jacket

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