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A Is for Australia


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A is for Aussie
B is for boomerang
C is for crocodiles . . .

G’day, mates! With D for  didgeridoo, R for reef, and v for vegemite, this colorful primer has everything you need to know about the land down under. Take an alphabetized bushwalk from the Outback to the Reef, and learn what makes Australia so amazing!



About Anna Ingalls

Ann Ingalls passes the day by exaggerating (writing fiction) or telling the truth (writing nonfiction). Ann has written over sixty books for young readers. Pencil: A Story with a Point! made the Banks Street Best Books list of 2020. J Is for Jazz won the 2015 Annual American Graphic Design Award and the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation’s “A Book Just for Me!” Little Piano Girl also won the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation’s “A Book Just for Me!” She has received a handful of awards from the Highlights Foundation for poetry and short stories.

About Kat Kalindi

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Page Count: 20
ISBN-10: 1641709022
ISBN-13: 9781641709026
Product Format: Board book

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