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1001 Ways to Be Kind


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So often we feel weighed down by problems at home, hassles at work, or the issues facing society. Imagine instead feeling empowered, optimistic, and purposeful about intentionally taking tiny steps to make the world a kinder place. 1001 Ways to Be Kind is a fun, dive-in-anywhere book with 1001 acts of kindness broken down into 25 different categories, from everyday kindness to kind acts for children to do and kind acts to do on your lunch break. Graphically designed in full color, each section provides ideas, motivation, and hope. Immensely giftable AND actionable, this is the book our world is yearning for right now—a little book that could spark a big movement—touching people’s hearts, building bridges across differences, and making our world kinder, week by week and reader by reader.


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Product Details

Page Count: 112
ISBN-10: 1641709014
ISBN-13: 9781641709019
Product Format: Hardback

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