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100 First Words for Little Gym Rats


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There’s protein powder in the pantry and a yoga mat in the living room. We meal prep and take #flexFriday selfies. We're living the fit life and proud of it! But is there nothing for baby? 

Introducing 100 First Words for Little Gym Rats, a health and fitness primer for kids learning their first words! Forget apple and dog. Little gym rats are ready to move from ABCs to BCAAs and other important exercise-related words like hypertrophy, deadlift, and Arnold. Packed with hilarious illustrations and 100 words every active baby should know (before any others, of course), 100 First Words for Little Gym Rats is the perfect board book for fit families everywhere. The best way to introduce your child to what Mommy or Daddy does at the gym and to teach the importance of health and fitness from the very beginning!


About Andrea Veenker

Andrea Veenker is a wife, mother, and bodybuilder. She is passionate about fitness and teaching her children to love health, wellness, and to value and love their amazing bodies. She is thrilled to share that same love with your family through this book.

About Patrick Gray

Patrick Gray is an illustrator based out of Montreal, Canada, who studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design. His lifelong challenges are to make art that's just as complicated as it needs to be and to know precisely when to stop working on a drawing: skills that (not-at-all maddeningly) his one-year-old daughter has already mastered.

Product Details

Page Count: 20
ISBN-10: 1641702664
ISBN-13: 9781641702669
Product Format: Board book

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