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No. of Pages : 128
ISBN: 9781641701372
Released : 7/1/2019

Bad Day Ice Cream

30 Recipes That Make Everything Better
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Book Description

Having a bad day? A bad week? A bad year? Bad Day Ice Cream is the cure to all that ails you!
Life is unpredictable, and bad days happen. While ice cream may not be a cure-all, when combined with encouraging advice it can be just the pick-me-up you need to keep going. This tongue-in-cheek cookbook makes the perfect gift for anyone going through a rough patch. Celebrated cookbook author Barbara Beery has created 50 unique recipes to help you get through any bumps in the rocky road, from getting a speeding ticket to dealing with a nosy mother-in-law. With humor that is anything but vanilla, Kathryn Thompson, author of the viral blog and book Drops of Awesome, provides the perfect dose of down-to-earth advice (or is it commiseration?) to put every piece of bad news in perspective. It's the cherry on top of each delightful treat! 

About the Author

Barbara Beery
Barbara Beery has been a spokesperson for such national companies as Sun Maid Raisin, Uncle Ben’s, Borden’s, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and Step 2. Barbara has been a contributing writer to FamilyFun, th...
Kathryn Thompson
Kathryn Thompson is a freelance writer and blogger living outside Seattle with her computer genius husband and three frequently delightful children. She believes that the world would be a drastically ...

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