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Two girls with heart stickers on their faces smiling for a picture and holding their cheeks.

Help! My Kids Won’t Sit Still for Pictures

The weather is perfect, the camera is ready, everyone looks amazing . . . but the kids won’t sit still for pictures. Here are some tricks to photograph uncooperative kids. Family photos—a reminder of beautiful memories, but also a herculean task requiring the Mission Impossible theme song. According to Momwell, family photos “bring an entirely

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A boy and girl holding a balloon unicorn.

Unicorn Day—Building Happy Friendships

Everyone loves unicorns. These rainbow-colored mythical creatures can teach us so many things, even how to build happy friendships. How can you be like a unicorn this National Unicorn Day? More than just being pretty, unicorns have become icons of happiness, fantasy, and wonder. According to the article “National Unicorn Day” from National Today, unicorns

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Woman helping a boy read a book in the library.

Thank a Librarian on School Librarian Day!

On National School Librarian Day, we celebrate the people who keep our libraries running. We wouldn’t have these book sanctuaries without them, so take a moment to thank a librarian with these fun celebration ideas. As Neil Gaiman said, “Google will bring you back, you know, a hundred thousand answers. A librarian will bring you

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Two young girls holding a stuffed toy dinosaur between them.

4 Easy Ways to Teach Kids Consent

Learning about consent and boundaries can be natural, easy, and fun with these four ways to teach kids consent in everyday conversation. Understanding consent and boundaries will help your child stay safe and develop better relationships. Talk Openly The first and most important step to teaching consent and boundaries is simply to open the conversation.

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