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Mark Lisk

Mark Lisk has long roamed the deserts, mountains, and river canyons of the American West by foot. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts, Mark climbs from the sea to high ridges and plains, gathering within his camera worlds of color and expanse that few ever see or capture in any form. From dry curls of patterned lake bottom to the tiniest brilliant lichen set before a vast line of granite peaks, Mark's foregrounds set him apart. His work fits whole universes of wilderness into single frames under glass. Mark has recently rediscovered his passion for the black-and-white image. His strong sense of composition complements black and white tones, giving the viewer a sense of isolation, alone in a wide, sweeping landscape. Mark's photographs stand alone within ten books, Idaho Impressions (1997); Salmon River Country (2005); Desert Water (2005); Idaho: Portrait of a State (2007); Owyhee Canyon Lands (2008); Owyhee Canyonlands: An Outdoor Adventure Guide (2013); Sawtooth/Whiteclouds (2016); Idaho: The Gem State (2019); and Arizona: The Grand Canyon State.
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