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Matthew Schramer

Matthew Schramer, is an independent filmmaker and graduate of the Brigham Young University film school. He specializes in screenwriting, directing, producing, videography, and video editing. Matthew has worked on professional film and video projects for over 6 years and in various industries, including: feature films, TV shows, short films, commercials, advertisements, seminars, exercise videos, and corporate videos. Matthew heads the Familius film projects and is leading the semi-annual Familius Film Festival. Aside from filmmaking and writing, Matthew enjoys hiking and biking the trails and mountains of Utah and spends most of his free time working on his new house. He is an avid reader, tech-savvy guru, video/board game enthusiast, and amateur croquet player. He's married to Brittnee Schramer and has a daughter named Aunika. They live in Eagle Mountain, Utah, about as far West as you can go without entering Nevada.