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Darian Muka

I love traveling and spending time with my friends and family. If I could meet my favorite people in a new city, or state, or country every few weeks, I'd have the perfect life.
Darian is passionate about stories. She hopes to be able to write and publish something that can show her unique perspective on life, but until then, she is perfectly content on reading everything she comes across. She loves to travel. After studying abroad in London, she has been hooked on visiting other cultures. She traveled around the U.S. with her family a lot as a child and has branched farther out as an adult. Family is a huge part of her life, huge. When she writes an article or a character for a story, her family members always influence it, probably because there are so many characters to choose from! She’s got the writers, the musicians, the business men and women, the cooks, the gamers of both the video and the athletic variety, the doctors, the nurses, anything under the sun. On her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, her family is host to them all. It’s probably the warmest, most exciting place she’s ever been, and she’s been to a lot of places. Her family members are her favorite travel companions.