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Emily Harris Adams

Emily Harris Adams is a writer, poet, and long-expecting mother.
Emily Harris Adams considers herself a long-expecting mother. She’s seen the frustrating world of infertility: the often humiliating doctor visits, the astonishing price tags for treatments, the shock of finding out a friend is going through the same struggle, waking up with her arms cradling a non-existent baby, and needing to suddenly cancel in-vitro for health concerns. Emily is also a poet. Her first poem, Empty Linen, was quoted in the April 2011 Latter-day Saint General Conference. Her second poem, Second Coming, took fifth place in the Mormon Lit Blitz in February 2012. In March of 2013, Emily was asked to present some of her poems at the Association for Mormon Letters conference. In May 2013, Emily won first place for the Mormon Lit Blitz with her piece Birthright.