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Charla Schneider

Like a 19th century chimney sweep, I'm a low paid, crud cleaning, dime a dozen human being who happens to love the view from a rooftop
Mother of three, nature lover, afraid the housework will eat my brain like a zombie, university graduate (Political Science major), an Arrested Development fan, lover of anything crocheted, unable to crochet, someone who laughs easily and loves easily, has travelled to over 20 countries, loving the summer sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy, a piano teacher, Attention Deficit, writing a book on collective mothering, lived abroad in Taiwan, Holland and the U.K. trying not to eat desserts, in love with the smell of lemons, a believer in God, someone who has a yellow dining area, wondering when I’ll finally get a wart on my foot from going to public swimming pools, a believer that everyone and everything is connected. (which is why I feel that people who DO have warts on their feet should wear swim shoes.)