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Cheri Pray Earl

Cheri: A Life in 28 Words. Lept from little girl, second of ten, into 'I do.' Three singles and a set of twins. BA, MA. Twenty years of university teaching. Writing. Writing. Still writing.
I like to walk. If my legs would go that far, I'd walk all over Utah. I am like a mail carrier that way, but without the mail. Or the cool outfit. I also do not walk in the rain, unless the rain is warm. I do not take off Sundays or holidays. Plus my dogs walk with me rather than chase me down and bite me on the leg. I have a route like a mail carrier does too, and sometimes I mail things when I walk, like Netflix videos, in the large blue mailbox on my route. But I do not deliver mail to anyone because my walk is not about other people. I am sort of selfish that way. I like to walk alone. And think. For example, I walked the idea for the Just In Time middle-grade series into my head. Yep. I did. The idea to ask my best friend, Carol Lynch Williams, to write the series with me walked into my head after that. Then Carol got the idea to ask Christopher Robbins to publish our series. (She was definitely not walking at the time. Carol believes that walking as far as I do is like begging for a hip replacement. She also hates adverbs.) By the way, I met Christopher for the first time when he walked down the English faculty hall at BYU with Rick Walton one day. Wearing a hat. And a cool outfit. So I guess you could say that walking is how I joined the Familius Family (which is like saying, “Family Family,” isn’t it?). Now you know about one small part of me. The End.