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John Wenzler

John lives in Milwaukee,Wisconsin where he was raised.Mental illness complicated his life, starting in his teen years. The following years without medications caused extreme mental suffering.Bipolar swings for fifteen years made it impossible for him to keep a steady job. So, he opened his own business which he ran for many years on and off through the ups and downs of his illnesses.Once on a therapeutic level of lithium, John was able to work at the same job for six years as a driver and enjoy a period of normalcy. In the past decade, due to medical conditions, mania was often the result of the stress or medications related to those illnesses. Through it all,John's faith has been tested but remained a foundation of his coping. John always had faith in God even when his illness was not stable. Now on a new medication and very stable, there is consistency in his faith as he deals with chronic pain daily.